On Monday 25th November

Mr Birdsall is owner and managing editor of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine, founded in January 2000 – the world’s only independent newsstand publication devoted to intelligence and its numerous elements. He has worked as an investigative journalist, analyst and espionage writer for over 40 years. His specialty lies in the working mechanism of the intelligence services and has extensive knowledge and liaisons with many government organisations, senior officials and former intelligence officers.

Through responsible, non-political and unbiased reporting, MrBirdsall has secured the cooperation of many government offices, intelligence bodies, security services, and military organs. The mutual trust has afforded him unique access to information often beyond the reach of other media organisations. Mr Birdsall is a contributor on radio and TV and appears in the documentary, news, and current event programmes. In addition to being an advisor and contributor to numerous international newspapers and media houses, he has been invited by senior military and government agencies to lecture in the Middle East.

He is the co-author of ‘An Insider’s Guide to 150 Spy Sites of London’ followed by ‘500 Spay Sites of London, The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence’ and hundreds of security and intelligence research papers.

Photo by Kiyohiko Tanaka, Mark Birdsall, Chikako Osawa-Horowitz

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